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The History

In 1816, the Anglican Church Missionary Society opened a small private school for girls in the mountainside village of Charlotte in Sierra Leone with only eight students on the roll. The school began with a vision to educate and train young African girls in pursuit of excellence in all areas, including high academic performance, sound discipline and a solid Christian foundation.

Annie Walsh Memorial School was named after an English girl whose dream was to become a missionary to Africa. Unfortunately Annie Walsh died in a tragic accident at the age of 20. Her parents established the Annie Walsh Memorial Fund which was added to monies collected by the Christian Missionary Society of the Anglican Church and used to erect the first school buildings.

In 1865, the school moved to its present location in Freetown on Kissy Road, and was formally named the Annie Walsh Memorial School in 1878.

The School's Mission

To train young African girls in pursuit of excellence in all areas, including high academic performance, sound discipline and a solid Christian foundation.

Over the years, the school has consistently outperformed its peers in terms of academic achievement, making it the most prestigious secondary school for girls in Sierra Leone. Academic excellence has been one of the major thrusts of the School over the years. For example, the following 'firsts' in the country are products of the school.

Notable FIRSTs

Significant Events in the School's History

•1849 Miss Julia Sass was sent from England to be the first Principal of the School.

•1851 The School moved to a site where Holy Trinity Parsonage now stands.

•1865 The School moved to its present site.

•1878 The School was formally named ANNIE WALSH MEMORIAL SCHOOL.

•1924 The School's Girl Guide Company was formed.

•1928 Miss Hamblet, Principal, introduced the green school uniform.

•1937 Kindergarten classes were phased out and the School became an Assisted Public Secondary School.

•1939 The School's premises were taken over as a Military barracks during the 2nd World War.

•1949 The School celebrated its Centenary. A tennis court was built to mark the occasion.

•1951 The Sierra Leone church's garden party was held in the School's grounds at which the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Fisher was present. Dr. Fisher was the 1st of three Archbishops of Canterbury who have been guests of honour at garden parties held at the Annie Walsh Memorial School Grounds. The others are Archbishop Ramsey and Coggan. The School grounds have also been honoured by the visits of four Archbishops of West Africa-Vinning, Horstead, Patterson and Scott.

•1952 The Principal's Residence and the Boarding Home were erected.

•1954 The present School Song "Builders" composed by Mrs.Tina Atkins was introduced and sung for the first time.

•1955 Orange belts for good conduct were awarded for the first time.

•1956 The sixth form for G.C.E. 'A' Level work was started.

•1957 The science block was added to the School.

•1958 The School Chapel was consecrated.

•1961 The first African Principal, Mrs. Lati Hyde-Forster, was appointed.

•1969 The new School Library was put up.

•1972 A new Home Management Practice Flat was erected by Self-Help.

•1973 The I.D.A. Block of specialist rooms and canteen were erected, as well as the I.D.A. Science Laboratory and Administration Block and Staff Room.

•1978 Nineteen pupils obtained a Grade One pass in the WAEC G.C.E. 'O' Level Examinations a record result in the country at the time. The new permanent open air stage was erected.

•1988 Bidemi Carrol set a national record by scoring 9 top distinctions at the WAEC G.C.E. 'O' Level Examinations.

•1989 The A.W.M.S. School Band, the first female School Band in the Western Area was formed.

Roll of Principals

About the School

The school is divided into six houses, named after the first principals.

•Bissett - [Purple]

•Caspari - [Yellow]

•Dunkley - [Red]

•Hamblet - [Pink]

•Pole - [Green]

•Sass - [Blue]

The School’s Prayer

The School’s Song


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